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Sports & E-Sports

Our team has experience in providing various services related to Sports Law, having worked with national and international clients, which include athletes, sports clubs and investors. 

We have a broad vision of the area, combining Sports Law, Corporate Law and Employment Law in order to provide our clients with an ample and clear vision.

We provide our clients with a range of services in the area of ​​Sports Law, including:

  • Incorporation of sports clubs and sport companies;
  • Social documents for sports companies, including by-laws, shareholders’ agreements and management agreements;
  • Disciplinary procedures against athletes;
  • Legal audits of sports clubs and sport companies; and
  • Negotiation and hiring of national and international athletes.


With regard to E-Sports, we seek to offer our clients personalized advice, taking into account the type of market in which they operate (streaming platforms, YouTube or tournaments and competitions) and the type of game with which they work.

We advise on the contracting of athletes for e-sports teams, aiding on various topics such as training plans, participation in national and international tournaments, online codes of conduct, presence on social media, prizes and sponsorships.

We also provide legal advice in hiring national and international influencers to promote E-Sports teams.

In respect of E-Sports, we provide our clients with advice in the following areas:

  • Hiring athletes and influencers and negotiating the terms and conditions of contracts, including prizes, sponsorships and fees;
  • Termination of contracts with athletes and influencers;
  • Assisting in the relationship between athletes and clubs with national federations and international e-sports associations;
  • Preparing internal regulations and codes of conduct for athletes and club influencers, including internal regulations for Gaming Houses; and
  • Negotiating partnerships between sports clubs and e-sports clubs.