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Mobility & Residence

We see a global world, without restrictions to mobility. For our team, residing in another country should not be a complex, uncertain or slow process.

We know that Portugal has favourable conditions for foreigners to settle in our country, offering a broad and diverse immigration system.

We have experience in supporting foreigners who want to reside in Portugal to work, study, create start-ups, enjoy retirement or reunite their family.

We have advised several digital nomads in their process of settling in Portugal – working together with our Employment Law and Real Estate Law teams, in a broad and complete approach that guarantees our clients confidence when moving to Portugal.   

Some of the services in which we provide advice to our clients in the area of ​​Immigration Law are:

  • Organizing, reviewing and submitting applications for short-term, temporary stay and residence visas;
  • Organizing, reviewing and submitting residence permit applications to AIMA;
  • Monitoring the status of the visa and/or residence permit process; and
  • Organizing, reviewing and submitting applications for Portuguese nationality.