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Labour & Employment

Our team has extensive experience in providing all types of services related to Employment Law, both to national and international clients.

We keep long-lasting relationships with our clients and work closely, accompanying the day-to-day employment relations of each company – without forgetting the empathy and humanity that this area of Law requires.

We work to ensure that our clients comply, at all times, with the wide range of rules imposed by Portuguese Employment Law. We aim not only for compliance with the law, but for our clients to implement standards of good practices at a national and international level.

We provide our clients with a broad range of services in the area of ​​ Employment Law, including:

  • Preparing various types of employment contracts, including for the hiring of senior management;
  • Business restructuring, including collective dismissals and transfers of establishments;
  • Legal audits and projects to implement compliance strategies;
  • Investigation and disciplinary procedures;
  • Dismissals and other forms of termination of employment contracts, including negotiation of termination agreements and negotiation of severance packages; and
  • Employment litigation.

Our team also has experience in the area of data protection regulation within the scope of employment relationships and we assist several clients in implementing and complying with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Portuguese Personal Data Protection Law.

We also advise senior employees in negotiating their respective contractual conditions and in negotiating termination agreements.