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Corporate & M&A

Our team has experience in providing advice in the areas of corporate, governance and M&A to national and international clients and to companies of various sizes. 

We advise our clients in corporate affairs on a daily basis, including with respect to shareholders’ and directors' meetings, ensuring compliance of the minutes with legal formalities and their respective register.

We also work on preparing by-laws and shareholders’ agreements that regulate the corporate life of each company.

Among others, we advise our clients in the following areas:

  • Day-to-day corporate affairs, preparing minutes, proxy letters and register of decisions made by members of corporate bodies;
  • Appointment and resignation of directors and board members;
  • Share capital increases and decreases;
  • Mergers, spin-offs and acquisitions of companies;
  • Corporate restructuring;
  • By-laws and shareholders’ agreements;
  • Contracts for directors and board members; and
  • Legal audits and projects to implement compliance strategies.